Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Lately, Ive been realizing that I need to take my workouts to the next level. I fell off my schedule and gained like 5 pounds! No Bueno. So what better way than to kick butt and train at a very well renowned  MMA camp in Kings MMA with Master Rafael Cordeiro? I'm so honored to be a part of this camp and to be trained by a legend in the MMA game. Master Cordeiro is the instructor to quiet a few great MMA fighters like Wander Lei and Anderson "The Spider" Silva just to name a couple.

Ill admit that I am nervous about starting my first day tomorrow. But Im also really excited to the point to where I cant really sleep. But I have to get my butt to bed so that I am well rested for tomorrow. Thats why this entry will be short. Ill keep you posted on how my first day went. And remember ladies, anything a man can do, a woman can do just the same if not better. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Afternoon with the Twins.

I slept in til 3 pm today. Lazy little woman. Its a Sunday, Im sure if you could have as well, you would have. After I rolled myself out of bed, I washed my face and brushed my teeth and decided I didn't want to spend all day indoors. So I took the twins to Boomers. I had been telling them that I would take them for like, 3 days now, but one got sick and then the other times I had to go film or something came up. But today was the day! And you should have seen how happy they were and off to Boomers we went, but only after I brought back the bf some Pick Up Stix. 
So now that mister grumpy has been fed, its time to bond with the twins. 
This was my first time to Boomers, so I must admit I was a little happy to. Ok i was A LOT happy. lol The set up was pretty confusing to me. All I wanted was 2 tickets for the little train ride. The cashier starts going off about how i should buy this and that and that and this and I was like look dude, I just want 2 tickets. Is that so hard? And a small popcorn for us to share? *points to girls* So I get my large popcorn since small doesn't exist in the popcorn department, and the tickets. But the girls wanted to play the arcade games first which requires tokens. Duh. Good thing I had some cash on me otherwise I would of had to walk across a parking lot with the twins to what was the ONLY ATM that they had by the mini golf course. I don't know about you, but walking through a parking lot with the girls sounded dangerous to me. People don't know how to drive anymore and I wasn't taking any chances with my little girls. I fed the token machine my 5 dollar bill and we were set. 

The girls had so much fun and were pretty good at these games for being only 3 years old. And another thing that surprised me was how long these girls made 5 dollars worth of tokens last. If that would have been me, I would've need another 5 dollars worth of tokens in like 2 minutes. They did the ski ball, where you roll the balls into holes to score. 
They did this spider game where you have to crush the spiders that light up red. 
And they were better than I was at this one game where you have to roll tokens into the little trucks to dump out more tokens. 
So they kicked butt at the arcade games. So now that we were out of tokens, it was time for the little train ride. You should have seen how funny I looked sitting in this tiny little train made for kids. I felt like Sasquatch, but Id do anything for them and I had fun too. Brought me back to when I was a kid and that felt great. 
But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. And my..I mean the girls', little train ride was over. Here is where things went a little south. 
I got off, helped the girls off and went through the door labeled "EXIT." I went through first since the girls couldn't open it. So as I walked through I let the door go and BAM!!!!! It swung back and SMACKS Maya right in the nose. Instant tears. I felt so bad and so did everyone else who saw. I felt horrible, to know she got hurt because I didn't hold the door open for her. Now Im not trying to justify myself, I should have held the door open. But who makes those doors with the springs that make the door swing back if no one is holding it? I don't know how to explain the type of door or what its called but thats the best I can put it. Its a good thing that the worker saw what happened and he offered to get her an ice pack, which i accepted. And also agreed with me. Now please keep in mind this whole situation was calm (except for the crying twin). The guy was super nice and even offered to get a manager which I said yes to as well because I didn't want this to happen to any other child. 
Maya stopped crying rather quickly one she got the ice pack on her nose. It swelled a little and she was good to go. She's pretty tough. But Im still mad at myself for the whole thing though. 
The manager offered if he could get the girls anything else and what did they ask him for? The Cookie Ice cream. 
They have these ice cream sandwiches that look like ores cookies and he brought back two, along with free ride tickets (not taking them back on the train) and more tokens and another thing of popcorn. So everything was ok again and we were off to arcade land to play more ski ball. 
But we didn't stay long because their dad wanted them back home by 5pm and at this point it's 5:01pm. Ooops. So they finished their game and we walked back to the car and back home we went. 

Today made me realize how much I want to be a mom and have kids of my own. Id have kids now if I could, but I cant make that happen alone. *cough cough* Plus where would I put a kid? On top of my head?! Not really. So until that day comes, i will enjoy spoiling the girls. Just no more train rides. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long Beach Aquarium

Since its the weekend, I wanted to get out and have some fun. Comicon was happening this weekend so I figured that my weekend would be spent in San Diego, CA but, it was sold out, like 4 months ago. So that didn't happen. So my next thought was why not go to the OC fair? The bf was like "hell no! on a weekend?!" Good point. So ok, what about the Long Beach Aquarium? We both agreed and soon we were off to the 710 freeway and I was determined to pet something that could potentially bite me or sting me. (I know, Im weird like that)

Admission prices in my eyes, were quite reasonable and they even have a membership pass there that is good for the whole year with NO BLACK OUT DATES! Not many attractions can say that, but then again places like Disney, Six Flags, Universal, etc, are much bigger. I bought our tickets along with a ticket for the bf and I to watch this cute little 4D movie about a turtle. (Would you believe my bf wanted to see it bad? He's such a kid sometimes but I love it) 

I must admit this place is pretty awesome. No more than 5 minutes into the place, the shades came down and it got real dark all of a sudden and to my amazement, there was a feature film about whales that they play all over the walls (to make sure everyone can see) and from what I saw of that video it was pretty neat. They also have this huge whale hanging up on the ceiling, which from what i understand is actual size. Crazy when you think about it.

First place that I wanted to go to was the Sharks. Ive always wanted to pet a shark, well a baby one. (Baby steps people!) And I did, well sort of. You see, everyone and their mother was where you can pet the sharks and I got tired real quick of 7 year olds jumping in front of me to get ahead of others. What was i gonna do? So I quickly decided to come back to this exhibit before i gave these parents a piece of my mind on how to teach their little brats some manners. 

Theres this big caged off area where they have these Lorikeet birds and you can purchase some food ($3) and hand feed them from these tiny little salsa cups. I spent more time than I planned to in here because right away, when I stepped in, the birds were so friendly and I was lucky enough to have one sit only hand and let me walk around with it while it was feeding. I was so happy and at this moment, the kid inside me came out. (Now that I think about it, I acted like a kid the whole time *smh*) 

OK enough about the birds. On to the next exhibit. (This same bird pee'd on my foot too BTW)

Next we headed over to the Sea lions but not much was going on there, since there was a show we had just missed so they were tired and lazy. *tears* Right next to the seas lions was this little pool called Tide Pool Treasures. This stunk very badly, but I just HAD to touch everything in there, the anemone, the urchin, seas cucumbers, star fish and little shellfish. Everything in here felt super slimy and the anemone hugged my finger. The lady there said that it thinks its giving me a SUPER DEATH grip and that its slowly killing me. Not happening. Oh and BTW, don't stick your fingers in its mouth because it will throw up. Gross.

All of these exhibits were outside. Now it was time to step in doors. (Where can I wash my hands?)

Now many people think that its just one aquarium after another filled with just fish and other boring animals. Let me tell you some thing. I have never seen the inside of a LIVE SHARK EGG till today. And I am still amazed by that. To be able to see LIFE FORMING is just breathtaking to me.

I just couldn't get enough of all the fish and different types of seahorses that there are. There is a seahorse that looks like KELP! Its nuts. Im pointing to it and its that yellow thingy floating.

Then there was the Otters who are the cutest little animals with the cutest little faces! And inside the tank were scuba divers who wee talking to the audience via microphones. Of course I had to get a picture with this guy.

Greatest scuba guy EVERRRR!

So one of my greatest fears is a spider. And not only was this crab called a spider crab, but it was also one of my favorite foods, so that gave me mixed emotions. 

Its ok, If I had to Id still eat it. Some lemon, butter and BAM! Food. Just don't tell him that.

One thing that I want to bring to your attention, now that i have it, is this exhibit that focuses on the melting polar ice caps. People really don't realize what harm we not only doing to these beautiful animals, but to ourselves as human beings. Global Warming not only affects animals and damage entire ecosystems but its damaging out health as well. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE! DO YOUR PART!

Now we are off to the petting of the jelly fishes! Once we finally found it, there were MOON JELLIES and they felt just like jelly. Slimey and weird. But they were kinda hard too. I didn't leave my finger in there long enough to find out exactly how hard. As you can tell by the facial expression, I was a bit nervous. 

As you can see, I had quite some fun. But my adventure was yet to be complete. I had one more place to return to. Hopefully there would be as many people there. I didn't get a picture of my petting the shark but I did get video. However, this guy was bigger than any of the sharks that were in there.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dead Car and a Ticket

I had to be at work today for recaps (the part of the episode where we are speaking alone) at 10 am. I woke up on time had everything going well, even had extra time to cook up a nice breakfast for my honey. With a happy man and time on my hands, it was time to head to work. But my car didn't feel my day should go on so smoothly.

I get into my car, out the key in the ignition and turn only to hear *click click click* WTF?!?!? NOOOOO!  Of course, not believing my ears, I do it again and of course, it sounded even worse the second time. Great, this is just what I needed. (Not really) Now let's pause a moment here. You are probably thinking "well so what, you have a dad who has a tow truck and this and that" so it shouldn't be that hard for me to get a jump. Well you see, it's me thinking that I would NEVER need AAA because of the business we are in and who my father is and who we know, that made my situation much worse. Ever notice when you really actually need someone, no one answers their phones or you just simply cant get a hold of them? All the people I thought of, where no where to be found. So who do I call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!! O.K. Not really, but close. I called the bf who came from work (he better have if he knows whats good for him) to jump my car, and thank God i had jumper cables (Thank you Tia Pepe). So at this point, Im over an hour late and now Im behind on the traffic pattern that I have figured out according to my schedule. 

Im finally at work, only to had to have been there no more than 30 minutes, which is good and bad because I was in and out but then, look at everything I had to go through. Whatever, I cant complain. I am very lucky, so Ill suck this one up.  

So now that work has been taken care of, it's off to grandmothers house we go. This stop was shorter than normal since my grandmother wasn't home, and neither were any of my aunts. So in, grab mail, grab a tamarindo candy (its a tradition) say hi to my little doggies, and out before I hit traffic going back home. The 405 South after 1 pm is no joke. 

Im just chilling in my car, bf beside me (he didn't go back to work, his boss is cool like that) and driving in the carpool lane. Things are going smoothly and the bf started to failed asleep. I knew this because he was snoring. Ill admit, sleeping sounded so good and I had already made up my mind that my head was hitting that pillow as soon as I got home. (But that wouldn't last long since the bf had a DR's appt at 2:40 pm) Ok Im better off not doing that to myself then. Ill postpone sleep until later. Hold on, where am I in my story??? Oh yeah, so Im in the carpool lane right around the 710 and I hear those dreaded sirens (which woke the bf up REAL fast). Yup, CHP. But of course I already knew what it was for: my PITCHBLACKASSHELL, window tint. Yes, I know it isn't exactly permitted according to the law, but long story short, someone recognized me at a stop light BEFORE the windows were PITCHBLACKASSHELL and decided to follow me and I didn't realized I was being followed until I was pretty much almost home. And you know me, I will confront this individual. Turns out he was like 17 y/o and wanted an autograph. Phew! So since then I wont take anymore chances. So back to CHP pulling me over. I get off the freeway and mister officer sees my "I LOVE HATERS" sticker that I have on my dash. This didn't help me whatsoever! It actually made him feel like he could make a "funny" joke out of it and say "oh really? well how about I just give you a citation then?" Like I could say "no officer you cant" Me+Jail= No bueno. He tells me "only rockstars can have BLACK windows." To which my bf replied "well what about TV stars?" Answer below.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Owling Inside Bed Bath & Beyond

Today started out late. I slept through an alarm that was supped to wake me up to go and get my nails done with my friend "C" (today was her only day off this week) but I kept her waiting instead until I woke up at about 1:15 in the afternoon. We didn't go after all. Then my publicist called me to handle some business as usual. I heart that woman.

After handling her phone call, I got ready to got to the store with the bf because we desperately needed some new towels for the bathroom. The ones that he bought (before he met me) aren't exactly the best quality ones and don't dry well, which leads to this weird smell and I'm over it. And the fact that he found a coupon in the mail for Bed Bath & Beyond only helped the situation. 

One thing that I found funny about this store is that I walked in only looking for towels, yet I managed to find all these things that I suddenly "had to have" to make my life easier. Oh, how Lazy we are all becoming thanks to advances in technology and such things. So $100 later, I figured that i had done enough damage and it was time to go, but of course, not after roaming the entire store and stumbling across the Pocket Chair. Like I really even needed one, but right then and there in the store, I managed to come up with 50 plus reasons how I would benefit from this ten dollar chair: when Im waiting in line at Disneyland (as if Im there everyday) or when Im waiting around for production to get it together (we have a trailer for that) or sitting in the sand at the beach (my bf cant stand sand). All these reasons that made perfect sense in the store, now don't really make any sense. But I did manage to find at least ONE good use for that chair: Owling. Yes, I know, it is stupid this whole "Planking this" and Planking that" now we have this whole "owling" thing going on. What's next? Humping everything we see?!?!? I swear. Well anyways, I took an "owling" picture on this pocket chair for a good laugh and to upload to twitter (@misslyndah) to entertain my fans. So no harm no foul. Wait, not true. I almost ate floor while trying to balance on that damn chair. At least the camera was rolling. You can see that video only on my youtube channel at youtube.com/lyndahpizarro1.

Once that was all over, the dollar section at TARGET was next. You've gotta love that damn dollar section! The bf and I found ourselves in there for over 20 minutes trying to find stuff for the Twins (who are NOT mine but would love for them to be) so that their stay here in the O.C. would be awesome. Call me crazy but I love buying them stuff. We made our usual stroll around the store and Derin spotted a Sharpie that reminded him of me. Can you see why? Yeah it was exactly my skin tone!!! How crazy huh? I had to buy it just for that reason hahaha. $100 later, decided it was time to go home. I put the girls stuff together while the bf drove us home, which seems to require a lot more technique than you would think. 

So we are finally home and the girls loved the stuff we got them and the towels look great in the bathroom. Hopefully they dry better. Like my new little name logo? Just got it done by Crowd Control Graphics and Printing and love it! I plan on using it to label all my pictures, new posters (coming soon), and to be on the front of my new business cards also being made by Crowd Control. Well it's time to get a little bit more work in, work out, then get some sleep. Filming tomorrow. Fun fun fun! Good night all and yes there will be a new Operation Repo this Wednesday night and it will be an hour long!

Monday, July 18, 2011

My First Blog & "Working Out With Lyndah"

Hello to all my family, friends, and fans. Welcome to my world where I'll share my every day, thoughts, videos, poetry, pictures, etc. This is my very first blog and to start it out I thought I'd post a segment here I'm going to try and do every day called "Working Out With Lyndah."

I get asked a lot about how I've lost all the weight and how I continue to loose it so with this segment I'm going to post my work outs for the day as well as my dieting. Hope this helps and motivates in some way for my men and especially my women that are interested in getting fit.

Late Breakfast 1:30 pm: 3 Egg Whites with Chopped Tomatoes and Peppers, slice of Turkey Bacon, Handful of Green Grapes 1 Cup of Water.

Snack 5:00 pm: Half a Serving of Snapea Crisps

Supplement: 1 B-12 Vitamin (500 mcg)

Evening Workout 7:00 pm:
4 miles on the bike machine
2 miles on the step machine
Jump Roped for 5 minutes
Boxed 3 Rounds 2:00 each with 10 sec breaks on the WaveMaster XXL
3 Cups of Water

Dinner 8:40 pm: Turkey Burger Patty with half a slice of provolone cheese with Spinach Leaf Salad with a Little Light Ranch, Handful of Snapeas, 1 Cup of Water

Desert 9:28 pm: Skinny Cow Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich (140 calories) Great line of products. Doesn't taste diet at all.

To many this seems like very little food, but its called PORTION CONTROL. You would be amazed as to how much weight you can lose just by changing the amount of food you eat. I look back at this and realized I didnt drink much water today, which I am going to catch up on after I post this. I know 8 cups is a lot of water to get in for some people so try and get in at least 6 cups. That should be very simple. The more water intake the more full your going to feel which = less food you'll want to eat. And to make it a little more exciting, try some water flavorings like Crystal Light packets or Mio's. That makes it a lot easier too.

I hope this helps some of you in some way, shape or form. Company just arrived so I'm off for now. 'Til next time my loves.