Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long Beach Aquarium

Since its the weekend, I wanted to get out and have some fun. Comicon was happening this weekend so I figured that my weekend would be spent in San Diego, CA but, it was sold out, like 4 months ago. So that didn't happen. So my next thought was why not go to the OC fair? The bf was like "hell no! on a weekend?!" Good point. So ok, what about the Long Beach Aquarium? We both agreed and soon we were off to the 710 freeway and I was determined to pet something that could potentially bite me or sting me. (I know, Im weird like that)

Admission prices in my eyes, were quite reasonable and they even have a membership pass there that is good for the whole year with NO BLACK OUT DATES! Not many attractions can say that, but then again places like Disney, Six Flags, Universal, etc, are much bigger. I bought our tickets along with a ticket for the bf and I to watch this cute little 4D movie about a turtle. (Would you believe my bf wanted to see it bad? He's such a kid sometimes but I love it) 

I must admit this place is pretty awesome. No more than 5 minutes into the place, the shades came down and it got real dark all of a sudden and to my amazement, there was a feature film about whales that they play all over the walls (to make sure everyone can see) and from what I saw of that video it was pretty neat. They also have this huge whale hanging up on the ceiling, which from what i understand is actual size. Crazy when you think about it.

First place that I wanted to go to was the Sharks. Ive always wanted to pet a shark, well a baby one. (Baby steps people!) And I did, well sort of. You see, everyone and their mother was where you can pet the sharks and I got tired real quick of 7 year olds jumping in front of me to get ahead of others. What was i gonna do? So I quickly decided to come back to this exhibit before i gave these parents a piece of my mind on how to teach their little brats some manners. 

Theres this big caged off area where they have these Lorikeet birds and you can purchase some food ($3) and hand feed them from these tiny little salsa cups. I spent more time than I planned to in here because right away, when I stepped in, the birds were so friendly and I was lucky enough to have one sit only hand and let me walk around with it while it was feeding. I was so happy and at this moment, the kid inside me came out. (Now that I think about it, I acted like a kid the whole time *smh*) 

OK enough about the birds. On to the next exhibit. (This same bird pee'd on my foot too BTW)

Next we headed over to the Sea lions but not much was going on there, since there was a show we had just missed so they were tired and lazy. *tears* Right next to the seas lions was this little pool called Tide Pool Treasures. This stunk very badly, but I just HAD to touch everything in there, the anemone, the urchin, seas cucumbers, star fish and little shellfish. Everything in here felt super slimy and the anemone hugged my finger. The lady there said that it thinks its giving me a SUPER DEATH grip and that its slowly killing me. Not happening. Oh and BTW, don't stick your fingers in its mouth because it will throw up. Gross.

All of these exhibits were outside. Now it was time to step in doors. (Where can I wash my hands?)

Now many people think that its just one aquarium after another filled with just fish and other boring animals. Let me tell you some thing. I have never seen the inside of a LIVE SHARK EGG till today. And I am still amazed by that. To be able to see LIFE FORMING is just breathtaking to me.

I just couldn't get enough of all the fish and different types of seahorses that there are. There is a seahorse that looks like KELP! Its nuts. Im pointing to it and its that yellow thingy floating.

Then there was the Otters who are the cutest little animals with the cutest little faces! And inside the tank were scuba divers who wee talking to the audience via microphones. Of course I had to get a picture with this guy.

Greatest scuba guy EVERRRR!

So one of my greatest fears is a spider. And not only was this crab called a spider crab, but it was also one of my favorite foods, so that gave me mixed emotions. 

Its ok, If I had to Id still eat it. Some lemon, butter and BAM! Food. Just don't tell him that.

One thing that I want to bring to your attention, now that i have it, is this exhibit that focuses on the melting polar ice caps. People really don't realize what harm we not only doing to these beautiful animals, but to ourselves as human beings. Global Warming not only affects animals and damage entire ecosystems but its damaging out health as well. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE! DO YOUR PART!

Now we are off to the petting of the jelly fishes! Once we finally found it, there were MOON JELLIES and they felt just like jelly. Slimey and weird. But they were kinda hard too. I didn't leave my finger in there long enough to find out exactly how hard. As you can tell by the facial expression, I was a bit nervous. 

As you can see, I had quite some fun. But my adventure was yet to be complete. I had one more place to return to. Hopefully there would be as many people there. I didn't get a picture of my petting the shark but I did get video. However, this guy was bigger than any of the sharks that were in there.


  1. Wow I would love to go there! but im way on the other side of the country so not gonna happen anytime soon! lol I'm glad you had a great time!!

  2. Cool place my kids saw the pics n they wanted to go there so I took them to the 1in Brooklyn NYC thanks for the idea