Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Afternoon with the Twins.

I slept in til 3 pm today. Lazy little woman. Its a Sunday, Im sure if you could have as well, you would have. After I rolled myself out of bed, I washed my face and brushed my teeth and decided I didn't want to spend all day indoors. So I took the twins to Boomers. I had been telling them that I would take them for like, 3 days now, but one got sick and then the other times I had to go film or something came up. But today was the day! And you should have seen how happy they were and off to Boomers we went, but only after I brought back the bf some Pick Up Stix. 
So now that mister grumpy has been fed, its time to bond with the twins. 
This was my first time to Boomers, so I must admit I was a little happy to. Ok i was A LOT happy. lol The set up was pretty confusing to me. All I wanted was 2 tickets for the little train ride. The cashier starts going off about how i should buy this and that and that and this and I was like look dude, I just want 2 tickets. Is that so hard? And a small popcorn for us to share? *points to girls* So I get my large popcorn since small doesn't exist in the popcorn department, and the tickets. But the girls wanted to play the arcade games first which requires tokens. Duh. Good thing I had some cash on me otherwise I would of had to walk across a parking lot with the twins to what was the ONLY ATM that they had by the mini golf course. I don't know about you, but walking through a parking lot with the girls sounded dangerous to me. People don't know how to drive anymore and I wasn't taking any chances with my little girls. I fed the token machine my 5 dollar bill and we were set. 

The girls had so much fun and were pretty good at these games for being only 3 years old. And another thing that surprised me was how long these girls made 5 dollars worth of tokens last. If that would have been me, I would've need another 5 dollars worth of tokens in like 2 minutes. They did the ski ball, where you roll the balls into holes to score. 
They did this spider game where you have to crush the spiders that light up red. 
And they were better than I was at this one game where you have to roll tokens into the little trucks to dump out more tokens. 
So they kicked butt at the arcade games. So now that we were out of tokens, it was time for the little train ride. You should have seen how funny I looked sitting in this tiny little train made for kids. I felt like Sasquatch, but Id do anything for them and I had fun too. Brought me back to when I was a kid and that felt great. 
But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. And my..I mean the girls', little train ride was over. Here is where things went a little south. 
I got off, helped the girls off and went through the door labeled "EXIT." I went through first since the girls couldn't open it. So as I walked through I let the door go and BAM!!!!! It swung back and SMACKS Maya right in the nose. Instant tears. I felt so bad and so did everyone else who saw. I felt horrible, to know she got hurt because I didn't hold the door open for her. Now Im not trying to justify myself, I should have held the door open. But who makes those doors with the springs that make the door swing back if no one is holding it? I don't know how to explain the type of door or what its called but thats the best I can put it. Its a good thing that the worker saw what happened and he offered to get her an ice pack, which i accepted. And also agreed with me. Now please keep in mind this whole situation was calm (except for the crying twin). The guy was super nice and even offered to get a manager which I said yes to as well because I didn't want this to happen to any other child. 
Maya stopped crying rather quickly one she got the ice pack on her nose. It swelled a little and she was good to go. She's pretty tough. But Im still mad at myself for the whole thing though. 
The manager offered if he could get the girls anything else and what did they ask him for? The Cookie Ice cream. 
They have these ice cream sandwiches that look like ores cookies and he brought back two, along with free ride tickets (not taking them back on the train) and more tokens and another thing of popcorn. So everything was ok again and we were off to arcade land to play more ski ball. 
But we didn't stay long because their dad wanted them back home by 5pm and at this point it's 5:01pm. Ooops. So they finished their game and we walked back to the car and back home we went. 

Today made me realize how much I want to be a mom and have kids of my own. Id have kids now if I could, but I cant make that happen alone. *cough cough* Plus where would I put a kid? On top of my head?! Not really. So until that day comes, i will enjoy spoiling the girls. Just no more train rides. 

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  1. The twins are soooo cute!! Are you training for a litter of your own?