Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Owling Inside Bed Bath & Beyond

Today started out late. I slept through an alarm that was supped to wake me up to go and get my nails done with my friend "C" (today was her only day off this week) but I kept her waiting instead until I woke up at about 1:15 in the afternoon. We didn't go after all. Then my publicist called me to handle some business as usual. I heart that woman.

After handling her phone call, I got ready to got to the store with the bf because we desperately needed some new towels for the bathroom. The ones that he bought (before he met me) aren't exactly the best quality ones and don't dry well, which leads to this weird smell and I'm over it. And the fact that he found a coupon in the mail for Bed Bath & Beyond only helped the situation. 

One thing that I found funny about this store is that I walked in only looking for towels, yet I managed to find all these things that I suddenly "had to have" to make my life easier. Oh, how Lazy we are all becoming thanks to advances in technology and such things. So $100 later, I figured that i had done enough damage and it was time to go, but of course, not after roaming the entire store and stumbling across the Pocket Chair. Like I really even needed one, but right then and there in the store, I managed to come up with 50 plus reasons how I would benefit from this ten dollar chair: when Im waiting in line at Disneyland (as if Im there everyday) or when Im waiting around for production to get it together (we have a trailer for that) or sitting in the sand at the beach (my bf cant stand sand). All these reasons that made perfect sense in the store, now don't really make any sense. But I did manage to find at least ONE good use for that chair: Owling. Yes, I know, it is stupid this whole "Planking this" and Planking that" now we have this whole "owling" thing going on. What's next? Humping everything we see?!?!? I swear. Well anyways, I took an "owling" picture on this pocket chair for a good laugh and to upload to twitter (@misslyndah) to entertain my fans. So no harm no foul. Wait, not true. I almost ate floor while trying to balance on that damn chair. At least the camera was rolling. You can see that video only on my youtube channel at youtube.com/lyndahpizarro1.

Once that was all over, the dollar section at TARGET was next. You've gotta love that damn dollar section! The bf and I found ourselves in there for over 20 minutes trying to find stuff for the Twins (who are NOT mine but would love for them to be) so that their stay here in the O.C. would be awesome. Call me crazy but I love buying them stuff. We made our usual stroll around the store and Derin spotted a Sharpie that reminded him of me. Can you see why? Yeah it was exactly my skin tone!!! How crazy huh? I had to buy it just for that reason hahaha. $100 later, decided it was time to go home. I put the girls stuff together while the bf drove us home, which seems to require a lot more technique than you would think. 

So we are finally home and the girls loved the stuff we got them and the towels look great in the bathroom. Hopefully they dry better. Like my new little name logo? Just got it done by Crowd Control Graphics and Printing and love it! I plan on using it to label all my pictures, new posters (coming soon), and to be on the front of my new business cards also being made by Crowd Control. Well it's time to get a little bit more work in, work out, then get some sleep. Filming tomorrow. Fun fun fun! Good night all and yes there will be a new Operation Repo this Wednesday night and it will be an hour long!


  1. graphics look nice! but just wanted to let you know the first picture you put on here didnt upload so im not sure what your talking about and i cant see the vid on ur youtube either