Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dead Car and a Ticket

I had to be at work today for recaps (the part of the episode where we are speaking alone) at 10 am. I woke up on time had everything going well, even had extra time to cook up a nice breakfast for my honey. With a happy man and time on my hands, it was time to head to work. But my car didn't feel my day should go on so smoothly.

I get into my car, out the key in the ignition and turn only to hear *click click click* WTF?!?!? NOOOOO!  Of course, not believing my ears, I do it again and of course, it sounded even worse the second time. Great, this is just what I needed. (Not really) Now let's pause a moment here. You are probably thinking "well so what, you have a dad who has a tow truck and this and that" so it shouldn't be that hard for me to get a jump. Well you see, it's me thinking that I would NEVER need AAA because of the business we are in and who my father is and who we know, that made my situation much worse. Ever notice when you really actually need someone, no one answers their phones or you just simply cant get a hold of them? All the people I thought of, where no where to be found. So who do I call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!! O.K. Not really, but close. I called the bf who came from work (he better have if he knows whats good for him) to jump my car, and thank God i had jumper cables (Thank you Tia Pepe). So at this point, Im over an hour late and now Im behind on the traffic pattern that I have figured out according to my schedule. 

Im finally at work, only to had to have been there no more than 30 minutes, which is good and bad because I was in and out but then, look at everything I had to go through. Whatever, I cant complain. I am very lucky, so Ill suck this one up.  

So now that work has been taken care of, it's off to grandmothers house we go. This stop was shorter than normal since my grandmother wasn't home, and neither were any of my aunts. So in, grab mail, grab a tamarindo candy (its a tradition) say hi to my little doggies, and out before I hit traffic going back home. The 405 South after 1 pm is no joke. 

Im just chilling in my car, bf beside me (he didn't go back to work, his boss is cool like that) and driving in the carpool lane. Things are going smoothly and the bf started to failed asleep. I knew this because he was snoring. Ill admit, sleeping sounded so good and I had already made up my mind that my head was hitting that pillow as soon as I got home. (But that wouldn't last long since the bf had a DR's appt at 2:40 pm) Ok Im better off not doing that to myself then. Ill postpone sleep until later. Hold on, where am I in my story??? Oh yeah, so Im in the carpool lane right around the 710 and I hear those dreaded sirens (which woke the bf up REAL fast). Yup, CHP. But of course I already knew what it was for: my PITCHBLACKASSHELL, window tint. Yes, I know it isn't exactly permitted according to the law, but long story short, someone recognized me at a stop light BEFORE the windows were PITCHBLACKASSHELL and decided to follow me and I didn't realized I was being followed until I was pretty much almost home. And you know me, I will confront this individual. Turns out he was like 17 y/o and wanted an autograph. Phew! So since then I wont take anymore chances. So back to CHP pulling me over. I get off the freeway and mister officer sees my "I LOVE HATERS" sticker that I have on my dash. This didn't help me whatsoever! It actually made him feel like he could make a "funny" joke out of it and say "oh really? well how about I just give you a citation then?" Like I could say "no officer you cant" Me+Jail= No bueno. He tells me "only rockstars can have BLACK windows." To which my bf replied "well what about TV stars?" Answer below.


  1. Here is a direct comment from your loving aunt..ain't that a bitch that I just finished whining to my brother dear how I just got the same bullshit ticket...yup....Like I could say please officer no ticket please for my front tint..Ain't that some ironic crappola....yup...I am right there with ya on this one...cause I got the same answer for yall that are reading...


  2. hahah you creating a blog was a good idea! It really was for you and the true repo fans! Nothin like reading about the real day in a life of someone from your favorite tv shows! :)